Music and What it Means to Me

Music. The constant vibrations of life itself and how we can interpret it is simply amazing. I have been a musician since I was eight years old, learning how to play the piano for four years until moving on to my preferred instrument, the guitar. Ever since I have been playing guitar, I have been writing music. From simple feelings to complex stories, my ability to write music has slowly evolved as I have been surrounded by it for my entire life.

Music is more than just sounds and words combined. It is simply magic, a form of emotion so intangible that we have sought to capture it for centuries. It affects us more than we know and helps shape us to become who we are. It allows us to practice perspective and challenges us to think. It influences us in ways we sometimes don’t understand and it has a deeper meaning than most of us can even comprehend.

As a songwriter and musician, I can advocate the fact that music is special to me and is a form of expression. Every song I listen to has a specific meaning and attachment to my life. Every word placed in one of my songs has meaning and purpose, whether I can explain it or not. My music evolves and changes alongside me. My music captures a moment of my life in every song that I may have forgotten and never learned from if I had not bothered to write a song about it. It is simply an extension of who I am, who I was, and what I stand for in life.

Music is something we can all connect to because of the simple fact that it allows us as people to relate to one another. That song you like and listen to over and over again is an indicator of who you are or who you aspire to be. You relate to it in someway. Whether you know the reason or not, it is there.